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About GasBox

Gintas Šimaitis

Gintas Šimaitis


GasBox by ELME MESSER GAAS is a customer service concept for a gas company with the focus on customer needs. To solve this problem, we have built our GasBox stores, where customers can come and purchase gas and various equipment related to the use of gas.  Call us +370 700 35 535 is an opportunity for customers to see and purchase the entire range of our products online. Also in the Your client's cabinet you can see and control the entire document flow between you and ELME MESSER GAAS.

We have tried to make the GasBox online store as convenient as possible for customers, and therefore you can:
  • see prices for all positions with all discounts for you or your company
  • make orders on agreed conditions
  • request additional discounts if necessary
  • see the available quantity of goods in the warehouse for the efficiency of order execution
  • see the leftover cylinders for rent
  • pay bills directly from the client's office

GasBox - the conversation about gas starts here!